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A Little Background Info On Me.

My name is Brian Krstich and I have been a Web Developer, Internet Marketer, Google & Facebook Ads Specialist, and Affiliate Marketer for over 15 years.

5 years ago I got my Realtors license and made a quick transition into real estate using of all of my Internet Marketing skills.

When I saw chatbots emerging on the scene I knew they were going to be the future of real estate lead generation so I quickly got to work building one for my business.

The results were amazing and soon other agents in my office were asking me what I was doing. I began to share it with them and soon after… RealtyMessengerBot.Com was born.

I still use Realty Messenger Bot in my business and now I help hundreds of Realtors and Real Estate Agents in the U.S. & Canada and several other countries around the world as well!

I take great pride in knowing that I have helped hundreds of agents transform their real estate business and I am looking forward to helping you achieve the same!

I can’t wait to work with you, See you in the members area!

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