Connect Your Facebook Ad To Your Chatbot

Duplicate RMBF – New Listing Flow

When creating a New Listing ad you will want to navigate to the RMBF – New Listings folder.

Flows folder -> Realty Messenger Bot Free folder -> RMBF – New Listings folder.

Duplicate the file named “RMBF – New Listing” and then rename it “[YOUR PROPERTIES ADDRESS] Flow.”

Edit the flow button to include a link to the New Listing property details page on your website, and edit the tags on the yellow action card.

Create Your Keyword

Create the keyword that links your Facebook ad to the response in your chatbot by going to Automation in the left side menu of your ManyChat account. Then click on “Keywords” that shows up below Automation. Next, in the top right corner click the blue “Create New Rule” button. At the bottom of the page there will be a spot for you to enter a new keyword. Enter the keyword we used on our quick reply button in the Messenger Setup portion of our Facebook ad.


Click the “Create Keyword” link on the right side of the data entry field. Once saved you will see the option to either “Create New Reply” or “Select Existing Reply.” We will choose to “Select Existing Reply” and in the pop up window we will navigate to our RMBF – New Listings folder to select the? “[YOUR PROPERTIES ADDRESS] Flow” we created in the previous step.

Now when someone clicks on our Facebook ad they will receive the New Listing reply we created in our chatbot!

Click on “Mark Complete” when you have finished and then click the “Next Step” button.