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CRM Integration Services

You may want to have leads that submit their info to your Realty Messenger Bot sent directly into your CRM. In order to achieve this the data must first be sent from ManyChat out to a Google Sheet. There are video instructions in the Realty Messenger Bot members area to show you how to do that.

Once in a Google Sheet the data can then automatically be sent to your CRM using a services like Zapier, PieSync, ApiNation, or Integromat. You can then easily search on Google or Youtube for “Google Sheets to [YOUR CRM NAME] using [ZAPIER, PIESYNC, INTEGROMAT]” and find video instructions on how to complete the data transfer to your specific CRM.

We do realize that some people do not have the time or do not feel comfortable completing the integration on their own. For those people we offer this CRM Integration service for $150.

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Ongoing Support From The Real Estate Lead Geek!

A Little Background Info On Me.

My name is Brian Krstich and I have been a Web Developer, Internet Marketer, Google & Facebook Ads Specialist, and Affiliate Marketer for over 15 years.

5 years ago I got my Realtors license and made a quick transition into real estate using of all of my Internet Marketing skills.

When I saw chatbots emerging on the scene I knew they were going to be the future of real estate lead generation so I quickly got to work building one for my business.

The results were amazing and soon other agents in my office were asking me what I was doing. I began to share it with them and soon after… RealtyMessengerBot.Com was born.

I still use Realty Messenger Bot in my business and now I help hundreds of Realtors and Real Estate Agents in the U.S. & Canada and several other countries around the world as well!

I take great pride in knowing that I have helped hundreds of agents transform their real estate business and I am looking forward to helping you achieve the same!

I can’t wait to work with you, See you in the members area!

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This is a ONE TIME FEE. There is NO MONTHLY RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION for Realty Messenger Bot Pro! You will need a ManyChat Pro account which costs $10 per month.

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