Do It Yourself Lead Generation With Our Pre Built Real Estate Chatbot And Copy & Paste, Step-By-Step Facebook Ad Video Tutorials


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Real Estate ChatBot

Done For You Campaigns!

RealtyMessengerBot’s campaign templates are easily imported into your ManyChat account. You won’t need to spend months building your real estate chatbot. With a few clicks your campaign templates will be setup and personalized to your business.

Responds To Buyers & Sellers Instantly!

Our complex buyer and seller campaigns instantly respond to your prospects letting them know that you are there for them. Real Estate Tips and Value items let them know you are the local expert, making sure you stay “Top Of Mind.”

No Monthly Fees!

Some companies charge $500 – $700 per month to set you up with their real estate chatbot. They’ll lock you into a contract and when you’re done you get nothing. With RealtyMessengerBot you control your campaigns in your personal ManyChat account. ManyChat does charge a minimal monthly fee starting at $10 per month based on the number of subscribers you have.

Installation Included!

When you purchase Realty Messenger Bot we will professionally install and setup your bot with everything personalized to your business. Simply submit a form answering some basic questions and we will do the rest. Your bot will usually be up and running in 24 hours or less!


Seller Qualification Funnel

Pre-Qualify seller leads by capturing their actual contact info. Facebook Messenger is attached to the personal information saved in that users Facebook account so you know you are getting their correct info! This drip gets them to submit their property address and prompts them to call and setup an appointment with you. Leads are reminded if they did not complete the process ensuring you get the listing appointment! All sellers get added to the “36 Tips” Seller Campaign automatically!

Instant Home Valuations

RealtyMessengerBot does instant home valuations for your leads right inside Facebook Messenger! Leads enter their property address and we instantly return a home valuation showing the low, high and average price for their property. Leads are then prompted to contact you to get their home listed and put on a “36 Tips” seller campaign.

“36 Tips” Seller Campaign

The “36 Tips” Seller campaign addresses common concerns and questions about selling a home. The campaign is designed to establish you as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor and the local expert.?The 36 tips campaign is designed to keep your name in front of your leads. Leads that progress through the entire seller tips campaign exhibit greater interest and are ideal to contact and convert into clients!

Buyer Qualification Funnel

Pre-Qualify buyer leads by walking them through an entirely automated buyer consultation. You’ll know exactly What and When they are looking to buy and because it’s through Facebook Messenger you know their contact details are correct.?Leads are reminded if they do not complete the process ensuring they complete the Buyers Qualification! All buyers get added to the “36 Tips” Buyer Campaign automatically!

Open House Drip Campaign

When potential buyers come through your open house have them sign in by subscribing to your RealtyMessengerBot. They’ll receive follow up messages prompting them to fill out a buyers qualification questionnaire and convert them into clients. Leads are then prompted to contact you and put on a “36 Tips” buyer campaign!

“36 Tips” Buyer Campaign

The “36 Tips” Buyer campaign addresses common concerns and questions about purchasing a home. The campaign is designed to establish you as a knowledgeable and trusted advisor and the local expert.?The 36 tips campaign is designed to keep your name in front of your leads. Leads that progress through the entire buyer tips campaign exhibit greater interest and are ideal to contact and convert into clients!

Realtor Recruiting Campaign

Looking to add more Realtors to your company or Brokerage? Maybe you want to add some Realtors to your “Downline”! 8 tips tell prospects what they need to do to become a Realtor. Our Realtor recruiting campaign can get the conversation started and provide tips until they are ready set up a meeting.


Let Me Show You Exactly How To Set Up Your Own Facebook Ads So You Can Stop Paying So Called “Real Estate Ad Guru’s” A Monthly Subscription Fee To Run Ads For You.

The Truth Is They Will Have Your Facebook Ads Set Up In A Few Hours And Never Touch Them Again…

But You’ll Keep Paying Them $300, $500, Or Even $1,000 Per Month On Top Of Your Ad Costs!

In order to generate LEADS consistently we have to run Facebook ads to send traffic to our ChatBot. It’s a lot like a car, if we don’t put any gas in the tank were not going to get very far. Without traffic we are dead in the water. We recommend that you spend at least $10 per day to keep your Lead Machine running.

Our copy and paste Facebook ad templates with video instructions make it extremely simple for you to get your Facebook ads up and running! We show you:

How to set up your campaign.
How to set your daily budget.
What location targeting to use.
What interest targeting to use.
What placements to use.
Example ad copy, headlines and descriptions.
How to connect your ad to your chatbot.

Hot Listings Ads Course

New Listing Ads Course

Home Value Ads Course

Lead Magnet Ads Course

Facebook Ads Setup Upgrade!

Don’t have the time to set up your Facebook ads? Or maybe you’re just not sure how to get them set up and running correctly?

No problem, we’ve got just what you need. With our Facebook ads setup upgrade we will completely setup and configure your your Facebook ads for you. You’ll get 1 Home Valuation Ad and 1 Lead Magnet Ad to attract sellers, plus 2 buyer lead ads consisting of 1 Hot List Ad and 1 New Listing Ad. These ads can then easily be duplicated to create any other ad you would ever need.

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So How Do You Get Even More Leads To Engage Your ChatBot?

Driving Traffic To Your ChatBot Is Simple When You Use ManyChat’s Built In Tools!

ManyChat Growth Tools

When you purchase RealtyMessengerBot today you will get immediate access to our members area where we have exclusive video tutorials with step by step instructions on how to use ManyChat’s Growth Tools.

This 12 part video series shows you exactly how to use ManyChat’s Growth Tools specifically for real estate. These aren’t generalized videos for the masses. The videos are designed specifically for Realtors to show how they can use ManyChat’s Growth Tools to create real estate specific content that will get prospects to engage with RealtyMessengerBot, become subscribers, and ultimately turn into clients.

RealtyMessengerBot comes with 23 Growth Tools pre installed with 2 downloadable eBooks to entice buyers and sellers to subscribe to your ChatBot.

Buyers Are Offered The Home Buyers Handbook!

Home Buyers Handbook

The Insiders Guide To Saving Money And Eliminating Risks When Purchasing Your New Home!

Sellers Are Offered The Home Sellers Handbook!

Home Sellers Handbook

The Insiders Guide To Getting Top Dollar And Eliminating Risks When Selling Your Home!

You can easily duplicate and edit the pre installed tools to create new offers to attract even more subscribers! Our Step-By-Step instructions will teach you how to get more leads interacting with your RealtyMessengerBot to ultimately grow your pipeline and increase your production, all while lowering your customer acquisition costs and decreasing your prospecting time.

Ongoing Support From The Real Estate Lead Geek!

A Little Background Info On Me.

My name is Brian Krstich and I have been a Web Developer, Internet Marketer, Google & Facebook Ads Specialist, and Affiliate Marketer for over 15 years.

5 years ago I got my Realtors license and made a quick transition into real estate using of all of my Internet Marketing skills.

When I saw chatbots emerging on the scene I knew they were going to be the future of real estate lead generation so I quickly got to work building one for my business.

The results were amazing and soon other agents in my office were asking me what I was doing. I began to share it with them and soon after… RealtyMessengerBot.Com was born.

I still use Realty Messenger Bot in my business and now I help hundreds of Realtors and Real Estate Agents in the U.S. & Canada and several other countries around the world as well!

I take great pride in knowing that I have helped hundreds of agents transform their real estate business and I am looking forward to helping you achieve the same!

I can’t wait to work with you, See you in the members area!

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